Buying a Camping tent? 10 handy tips to help you make the best purchase


So you’re going to buy a Camping Tent! That’s awesome! So you have no idea where to start? That’s fine! It is like buying a car, a dress or a suit, golf clubs, or even a bottle of wine to buy a tent. Too many options equal uncertainty. And confusion, or even giving up, can mean making poor choices.  Not to stress, there’s help here. When it comes to picking a Camping Tent by following these helpful guidelines, stop making novice errors.

1. Consider the number of people using the tent

Camping tent

Ignore the notion that a four-person tent sleeps four, always. Not that it does. It could only sleep three, but two would be best in such an Afterpay tent for a relaxing experience. The requirements of, say, a four-person Camping Tent suggest that four people will be a tight fit, with no luggage space, etc. So, a family of four should look at a tent for five people. This will give you space for clothes to store bedding and smaller areas, etc. If the weather is terrible, the extra room will be a godsend in Camping gear with all of you. Think about the space in the tent you’re going to use and what you want to store with you in the tent. Remember the height of adult campers. Without being curled up in a ball, very tall people would need to sleep. Know the dimensions and the one you’re looking at from the tent. The scale does matter for tents.

2. Think about the conditions of use

For various environments, some Afterpay tents are better suited. A summer tent is made of lightweight material, has a lot of airflows, and is possibly not built for harsh circumstances. More likely, a three-season tent can withstand heavier rain and winds and provide insulation against the cold.

In Australia, real winter tents are probably not very common, as our conditions are milder. If you intend to camp in the snow, however, then your Camping gear needs to be a winter tent. To get a tent that suits the season, shop carefully. If you’re just a ‘fair-weather camper’-meaning that when it’s quiet and sunny, you want to camp, your tent doesn’t need to be top of the line. Yet even the most ideal weather can change rapidly, so if a storm happens suddenly, you need to think about your Afterpay tent and how it will work.

3. Consider ease of use

In the store, with lots of rooms and storage areas, I saw this great tent-it sleeps. But how long did the setup take? Was a small army necessary? While buying a tent, you need to remember that point. It took a long time and a group of them, and they were the experts, the salesperson told me!

The argument is that you do not want to spend hours trying to put up a tent upon arrival at your location; whether you are alone or have enlisted your unhappy kids who just want to play. It is important to have ease of use. Try to set up a Camping Tent in the store, if possible, but this might not always be a practical choice. YouTube has a lot of footage of various tents being set up by individuals. Find the tent you are interested in and watch the film, or something similar. See how the Afterpay tent works and if setting yourself up is an achievable choice. Look for unbiased critics as opposed to the video of the manufacturer; the latter has a vested interest in making it easy to set up a tent.

4. Make note of the tent’s material

Camping tent
Check the material of the Camping gear closely, as this could impact your choice of purchase. Tents made of canvas (cotton) are waterproof, but when the water is absorbed, they become very strong. They are long-lasting, however, and do not deteriorate as much as nylon, say. Check that the zip is a quality one, moves quickly, does not catch on cloth, and is non-rusting. Nylon waterproofing with polyurethane or polyurethane and silicone coatings is necessary for the fly.

5. Consider the weight of your tent

Are you going to need to move this Camping Tent long distances? Is it for camping by car? And from the car to the campsite, some of the larger tents are incredibly heavy to bear. Will you be able to do this on your own? When wrapped in their containers, some family tents are so big that we could not fit them on our roof rack. But before you commit to buying, remember that. Plus, in order to get the Afterpay tent up on your car’s roof, you need some serious muscles.

6. Think about the tent’s ventilation

Camping tent
If you haven’t camped in a tent before, you could not know how terrible it is to wake up in the morning to the dampness of it. The sides of the Camping Tent have touched your clothes, and now it’s muddy. Your bedding is wet and all over the tent is condensation. That is why ventilation is of prime importance. Look for Camping gears with the rain flying on that have ventilation open. In order to minimize condensation, search for well-placed vents.

7. Don’t overlook the flooring

You need a fine, solid floor for a family tent that gets plenty of use. Make sure that the floor consists of something robust. There is a bucket-shaped floor made of 500D Polyester PU content in our Family Afterpay tent. The flooring can protect you and your belongings from any moisture that gets into your tent, but I would encourage any tent you use to use a ‘footprint’. A footprint is a piece of cloth or tarp specially designed and formed that goes under your Camping Tent to shield it from the earth.

8.  Have a price in your mind

Buying cheap will cost you more when the tent fails you in the long run. Not everyone can spend a massive fortune in a tent, of course, but sometimes, for some reason, really, really inexpensive Camping Tents are inexpensive. Before you buy, think to yourself: why is this tent so cheap compared to others with the same features? It could only come down to the producer and materials. The conditions that you want the Afterpay tent to survive in are another thing to remember. If you are going to spend your time camping in harsh weather, with frost, snow, and high winds, then spend as much money on the tent as you can, because to save you from suffering, you will need a sturdy piece of equipment.

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