Choosing a Whole-body Vibration Platform


If you are looking to add an effective exercise to your daily routine then the Vibration machine can be a great idea. Plates are included in the machines that will vibrate at high levels and send vibrations throughout your body that will result in muscle contraction and relaxation. These machines have a vibration platform that is perfect to perform different exercises and for the well-being of your health. For the vibration platform to be suitable and effective for you, you need a machine for your home gym that is created equally so that it can provide benefits to the whole body. You need a machine that can meet your requirements. Therefore, you need tips that will help you choose whole-body fitness equipment. We have collected information that will help you in making a decision. 

1. Type of vibration

The most important factor to be considered is the type of vibration. It affects the overall experience that you will have with the vibration platform which is why close attention should be paid to it. There are five types of vibrations in whole-body vibration machines which are: 

Pivotal vibration – Also known as oscillation machines. The machine with pivotal vibrations has the highest amplitude among other types. The machine has a vibration platform that supports the seesaw motion. It works in your home gym like a seesaw which means that when none side goes up, the other goes down. This quality stimulates this fitness equipment the same as received by the body when you are running. It is ideal for people who want greater muscle stimulation and improved blood flow. 

Linear vibration – A linear vibration platform is the best for you if you want to promote circulation and increase muscle relaxation. As the name suggests, these machines support an up and down motion. Even at higher frequencies, you can stand easily on them. Although, they give off a buzzing sensation that can be unpleasant for some people. Due to low vibration design, they are not suitable for weight loss and strength training. 

Triplanar Vibration – As shown by the name, these machines support vibrations across three planes. Using different motors, this vibration platform moves back and forth or up and down. This results in high-frequency vibrations that go up to 5000rpms which is the reason for these machines being known as the most intense high-frequency vibration platforms. The capacity to provide a fast result, makes these machines ideal for weight loss, muscle toning, and improve bone density. 

Dual Vibration – dual vibrations means that these fitness equipment have two types of vibrations that are linear vibration and oscillation vibration. You can set the vibration platform to work in multiple modes. The modes can be liner platforms, oscillation platforms, or a combination of modes. The combination gives a powerful vibration. 

Sonic Vibration – If you have a good budget for the machine then this whole-body fitness equipment should be considered as they provide a therapeutic experience. These machines have a vibration platform that assists several powerful speakers. The machine gives off linear vibration that goes up and down. The cause of sonic vibration machines being too expensive among the other whole-body vibration machines is that the vibrations generated by the vibration platform are therapeutic and gentle in nature.

2. Vibration intensity

While buying Fitness Equipment, another thing that should be kept in mind is the intensity of vibrations. You should determine your goal and link it to the speed of the vibration because the results are affected by the speed at which the plates move. In simple terms, the frequency of vibration is measured in Hertz (Hz) and it is termed as the number of oscillations per second. All the five vibrations that are explained above, have different speed capabilities. Linear vibrations machines offer frequency up to 15 Hz. Pivotal models offer vibration plate oscillations up to 40 Hz. Triplanar fitness equipment offers a speed that is in the middle of the range with a velocity that ranges from 30Hz to 50Hz. Sonic models offer low to high frequencies ranging from 3Hz to 50Hz.  

3. Power and Weight Capacity

Vibrating Machine

The motor offers the power of a vibration machine. If a machine is underpowered, it will stop the machine from delivering the frequency required, amplitude, and gravitational force which in turn will not give the result required. Different whole body vibration machines support different weight capacities, which is the reason why you should use the machine that has a motor specially designed to assist the weight capacity. 

4. Vibration platform size

Vibrating Machine

You should look at the size of the fitness equipment before buying a whole-body vibration machine. The machine with a larger vibration platform requires more space but offer more therapeutic benefits. Whereas, machines with smaller fitness equipment require less space but they will limit the number of exercises that you will be able to perform on it. 

5. Display panel

The fitness equipment has a display panel like other exercise machines. There is a range of metrics on this display panel which makes it easy for you to keep a track of your progress. Several buttons enable you to switch between different speeds and fitness programs. If your budget allows, get the machine with a display panel. 

6. Platform grip

Vibrating Machine
For maximum safety and comfort, get a machine that has treads that are designed to give grip to the vibration platform. Choose a machine with vertical, horizontal, or complex ribbed treads. With this, you will not have to worry or flipping or falling. 

7.  Poled or poleless 

A vibration machine may have a mounting pole so that you can hold it while you are standing. Poled machines are safer for people who are new to using machines. If you can balance and coordinate then you can decide if you want a pole machine or a pole less machine. 

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