Choosing the best Swag Tent


If there is one thing that makes it easy for you to go camping, they are swag tents. A swag tent is an advanced sleeping bed and space that is portable, small, and very easy to set up anywhere. The design is such that it protects you from elements and it has a built-in mattress. There are a few things that should be considered before buying camping gear

1.  The size of the swag tent

swag tent
Typically a swag for sale is designed for one to two people and it is a compromise between weight and comfort. The swags are available in three sizes: single swag, king single swag, and double swag. The best for you is the one that is greater than your height and wide enough so that you can out in your stuff. Bigger camping swags are heavier but they have more legroom and headroom. Double swag tents are long for your car’s boot so you will need a roof rack to put it on. 

2.  Parts of a swag tent 

swag tent

There are seven parts of camping swag that are:

  • Fabric – the type of material used to make the floor, walls, and roof.
  • Ventilation – mesh that keeps you cool, increases the airflow and prevents humidity.
  • Zippers – opens and closes the swag and exposes the mesh ventilation panels.
  • Vestibule/Awning – undercover living space that is protected by the weather.
  • Mattress – a comfortable mattress that is made in the swag.
  • Poles – which create the shape and structure of the swags.
  • Pegs – during high winds, used to keep the swags securely attached to the ground 


Fabric is used for the floor, roof, and walls of the swag. While choosing the fabric, keep in mind that there are many available such as cotton, polyester, and polycotton, etc. but all of them have different features. 

  • Cotton – Cotton is waterproof and breathable but it is heavy when it is wet. It is more likely to shrink, tear, and wrinkle than polycotton or polyester. 
  • Polyester – Polyester is used to make the floor in some swags because it is waterproof as compared to cotton. It also dries faster but it is not breathable so it can cause condensation damp during dry or hot weather. 
  • Polycotton – Polycotton as the name suggests is a mixture of cotton and polyester so it has the benefits of both the material. It is lighter but wrinkles and tear-resistant than cotton along with being more breathable than the polyester fabric. 

While making the decision of which fabric is more suitable, also keep in mind the fabric’s durability, weight, and sun protection quality. 


Ropes are used to keep the camping swag attached to the pegs, it keeps the ten secure and stable in harsh weather conditions and also drains water away. 

Ventilation mesh

Some camping gears have window ventilation panels or a mesh door. It enables the air to flow through the swag and keeps the insects out so that you can sleep peacefully. It also stops the moist air from staying in the swags for sale in turn preventing condensation and dampness in the tent. There is fabric attached with a zipper so you can close the ventilation mesh during rain or when it is cold. 


Swag tents come with tough and non-rusting zips, so It is essential to choose the swag that has a zipper. It keeps the creepy crawlies out. While looking for swag with a zipper, look for swags having #10 zips, a zipper that easily opens and closes, and high stitching quality. 


Poles help camping swags to stand still during high winds. While choosing the poles, check whether they are made of alloy, steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, or fibreglass. Stronger material will be able to handle pressure well. Alloy poles are the strongest, then steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, and fibreglass respectively. 


A vestibule is a storage space that extends out from the side or front of the swags for sale. This gives you more space for storage. As it is covered so you can dry your wet items under it. Two vestibules in swag give you more space for storage. 


Pockets can help you put your important things in it and stay organized and the hooks on the ceiling can help you hang anything on it. 


Swags come with a built-in mattress. The average thickness of a swag mattress is between 35mm to 70 mm. During cold nights, the mattress acts as insulation. The comfort levels are different for different swags. You have to compromise between weight and comfort because thick mattresses are comfortable but heavier whereas thin mattresses are light but less comfortable. The most suitable swag tent for hiking is the one having a self-inflating pillow and mattresses. 

3.  Types of swag tents

Swag tents are available in different shapes so you can choose whatever suits you. There is an envelope-shaped swag with canvas over the face but it may make you feel claustrophobic. Then, swag with poles is also available which may be a dome-shaped pole or vertical apex pole at the end. Swags with entrances from different sides are also available like one or both sides, or from the top. 

  • Apex Swags – they are compact, light, and can be carried easily. You can also set them up very fast because all you have to do is roll and insert the pole. 
  • Dome Swags – they are also known as tunnel swags. There are flexible poles that bend like a dome. They are ventilated and spacious. They are designed in a way that keeps the insects out. You can sit and dress up inside. Bad weather can be tolerated by these tents and they are available in large or small sizes. 

4.  Quality of the Camping Swag 

swag tent
Always weigh the quality against the cost of the swag tent. Single swags are obviously cheaper than double swag but double swag can accommodate two people. Swags that are more comfortable such as having more head height and made with cotton are expensive. The thicker the mattress, the more the price because of the comfort it provides. 

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