Tips and tricks for Arranging living room Furnitures


The living room holds special importance among all the other rooms in the house. It is a place where the family gathers and also serves as the centre point for the family. It helps you relax, socialize and make connections with the family, your friends and the guests that come to visit you at your house.

The decoration and setting of your living room are very crucial to add life to the living room. The living room furniture reflects the aura of you and your family. Apart from the furniture online, the layout and the lights in the room are also important. All of this combined is half the struggle, the other half is setting up the Afterpay furniture in such a way that togetherness, closeness and conversation are promoted.

To create a comfortable and different environment, assembling the living room furniture is the key component. It also plays a role in making the living room distinct from other rooms in the house. Therefore, different techniques and strategies are adopted by interior designers to plan out a procedure that enables them to assemble the furniture online in the best possible way.

Given below are the tips and tricks for arranging living room furniture:afterpay furniture

1.  Planning the room on an online planner or a paper

To make your living room unique and for it to stand out, it is advised that you start off with the planning. Planning makes it easier for you to work out a plan and then set up your Afterpay furniture according to the plan that you have brainstormed. This can be done in two ways, either with the help of an app or on paper. If you are a technological person then you can download the apps available that help you plan your living room. There are many apps available that include, Room Scan Pro, Planner 5D, Our Room Planner etc. If you are not very fond of technology and are not interested in downloading the app, then you can start off with paper and a pen. In both ways, planning is useful and will help you a great deal.

2.  The centre point of interest

The centre point of attention is the point of focus within the living room. The centre point of interest as the name indicates is the area that grabs your attention the moment you look at it. It could be a fireplace, a TV, a big window that has a view, an architectural piece, or a wall that you have designed. It is basically anything in the living room that is unique and it catches your eye. It is important to note that whatever you consider being the focal point in your living room, it should be facing the door or the entryway so that it makes it easier for the focal point to grab attention but it is not necessary that it faces the living room furniture.

3.  Leave adequate walking space

It is important to note that while setting the furniture online, you should be considerate enough to leave ample space for walking. This traffic pattern should be left so that you can move in and pass through the living room. The placement of living room furniture should be as such that you and everyone else who comes into your living room can walk easily within and through the living room.  This means that you should not place large living room furniture such as big sofas, very huge decoration pieces or large tables in the way as it will be in the way of you and other people walking and would disrupt the traffic pattern within the living room. It is ideal to leave at least 30” of your space empty so movement within and through the living room is easy to carry out. You should try to keep the direction of the traffic pattern around the defined conversation area rather than keeping it through the middle of the conversation area.

4.  Furniture along the wall

One of the things to avoid while arranging your living room furniture is the mistake to line up your living room furniture along the wall. This will give a weird look to your living room and it will give out a very formal aura. You do not want your living room to give out an aura that is anything else except comfortable and relaxing. To avoid this, make sure you do not place all your living room furniture along the wall. Some of your living room furniture should be put away from the wall to give it a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

5. Placing large living room furniture first

afterpay furniture

After planning out your living room, you should start off by placing the largest furniture online first before you place any other thing. While doing this, you should make sure that you put this large piece across from the focal point. This large living room furniture can be a sectional couch or a big sofa. If you do this, it will help you arrange your decoration or special pieces that you have collected accordingly and will help you see how they complement your living room furniture.

6. Creating a conversation area

Placing your furniture online in a manner that creates a comfortable conversation area is necessary because the living room is a place to sit and connect with your family and friends. The living room furniture that you have chosen like the sofas and chairs should be placed facing towards each other rather than with each other so conversation is promoted among you and other people.

 Our Recommendation

Always plan before arranging your living room and after that buy Afterpay furniture that goes with whatever you have planned. All you have to do is log on to our website “HR-Sports” to make your experience of buying furniture online, a lot easier and more fun. Choose the Afterpay furniture that best describes who you are as a person and gives off a comfortable aura to your family, guests and friends.

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